Friday, July 20, 2012

Cherry Jam, Pickles, Chicks and Bees

I finally got a bunch of stuff done today that needed doing - the last batch of cherry jam (9 more half-pints), started a batch of cucumber chips from the Ball book (will finish them tomorrow night), and now I'm going out to play with the chickens for a few minutes before I read the kiddies tonight's chapters of the Roman Mystery: Colossus of Rhodes, which has provided many laughs so far.

I made plans to remove a hive from a house being rehabbed for sale - I know it's too late in the season to expect them to make enough honey to get through the winter, but I thought I'd try giving them a bit of a head start from the hive already going gangbusters here.  If neither hive fills two deeps before October, I'll just combine them and see how that works.  If one hive does and the other doesn't, I'll sacrifice the one that doesn't and eat all its honey.  If they both do, because the weather is just that weird, then I'll be two hives ahead of where I thought I'd be next spring.

Other than that, the darn rabbits are after my cukes, and since they don't finish anything they start, I've been feeding the half-eaten cukes to the chickens, several of whom will now hop onto a knee in order to eat their treats.  The squirrels have gotten into the basement.  And I'm thinking Brunswick Stew is in order.

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