Tuesday, July 3, 2012

In other news, Tooth is still missing

Tooth, the snake, is still AWOL. 

The Princess and the Pirate have both lost teeth (Princess, 1; Pirate, 2).  The Tooth Fairy needs to go shopping, because the Tooth Fairy's supply drawer was EMPTY.

I cleaned that horrible stovetop again (the propane, not my beloved woodstove).  Now I can stand to be in the kitchen again.

The house was powerwashed today and it looks SOOO much better.  The decks are a different color.  Really.  The painters are coming Thursday and Friday to paint the living room, hallway, and kitchen.  The painters were affordable, though not cheap, but the paint was pretty darn expensive.  And I still have 4 more gallons to buy, for the kids' rooms, which I'll be doing myself next week.  Ouch.  And I have one more $100 purchase after that - a pantry closet for the alcove off the kitchen, so I actually have storage space for the food that I also need to buy (but which can wait until the end of August, when the local grocery stores have canned goods on sale because the students come back and stock up).  After that, I need to sit down and re-write the budget.  Before that, though, I need to write the plan for the next homeschool year, preferably while the kids are visiting their grandparents.  It's something I really need about three eight-hour days and a trip to the nearest library for, in order to do right.  That lets me write out the first two months in detail, and get the other months somewhat organized, so I have MelCat lists attached to the days they need to be done, and books ordered from Paperbackswap.com if they are available, and from elsewhere if they are not, so I'm not scrambling around the morning of a particular lesson looking for resources. (I hate that).  Oh, and I need to make sure we have the money for the excavators to come in August and fix the drainage around the house, and I need to buy grass seed to replace what is going to be torn up. 

More fun stuff - I have a quilt block that has to be done Monday.  I had a manic midnight quilting party for myself a couple days ago and finished 16 blocks for a large-ish baby quilt.  I'd like to finish that for Monday, too, but I'm not optimistic it'll actually happen.  We'll see. 

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