Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Painting Postponed in order to deal with Freezer Problem

I'm frustrated right now because I was supposed to be painting the Pirate's new, much smaller, bedroom yesterday, today and tomorrow, and I haven't even been able to start it due to dealing with the fallout from the freezer issue.  Suffice it to say that everything in the smaller freezer (that is part of the fridge) thawed, and I've had to do a lot of cooking and canning to keep from losing everything in it.  I had to pitch the eel and the fish, cook all the chicken, turn all the ground beef, turkey, and some of the pork into meatloaves (that I can at least re-freeze), and all the venison sausage into various soups, which I can freeze and El Jefe can take to work.  And this morning I made all the "yard berries" the kids picked (black raspberries) into jam so their work would not be wasted.  I still have three bags of formerly frozen strawberries to go.  Then I have to deal with the 10# of blueberries that have now been sitting in the fridge for a week.  After that, I can actually start priming the bedroom.  I can only hope that with enough all-night painting parties on my part, I will actually manage to finish it before she gets back from camp.  Oh, and we're not even going to discuss starting the Princess' bedroom.  I think she'll just be sleeping on the couch in the living room next week so I can get hers done.  Not quite the birthday present I was planning.  Sigh.  Someday, I may actually be on schedule for something, but I cannot imagine what.

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