Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Stupid chicken

   There are now 26 chickens. I am down one buff rock because the stupid thing decided I was scarier than the dog outside the fence and it squeezed through the white trash gate and ran straight into the dog, who promptly opened his mouth and broke the chickens neck. At least he had the sense to look mighty guilty and drop the chicken when I yelled NO. But the chicken flapped its wings and died anyway. I managed not to cuss, but just barely. It was a hen, too. A stupid hen that wouldn't go in the coop, but still, a hen. I would rather have lost the evil biting buff rock rooster.  It was almost big enough to justify plucking it  and calling it a Cornish Hen and eating it, but it's late and I have had next to no appetite for over a week, so I didn't.  I feel guilty about that, but I also feel guilty about the leftovers I'm going to have to pitch tomorrow. 

The living room is painted and looks great.  The hallway I will have to roll one more coat on, because the grooves in the wood paneling still show some primer.  I rolled another coat on the kitchen yesterday, and then worked on the trim that didn't get done last week, and fixed the trim I decided I didn't like.  Tomorrow I have to get everything back where it belongs (that is, out of the girls' bedrooms, because they will be home Friday), which means cleaning everything, too, because I'm not putting all this stuff back dirty on dirty floors, blah, blah, blah.  I'm really glad this is getting done, but I'm very annoyed that so little else is, because painting is taking up too much time.  The asparagus bed desperately needs weeding (I did half of it this morning).  Something is eating all my bean plants in the hoop house (dangit).  The hoop house also needs weeding in the worst way (I did the sweet potatoes this morning and fed all those weeds to the chickens).  I have to remember to check on the hops, and I need to pick the berries before they, too, are eaten by something else.  I think I'll freeze them until I have a moment to actually can some jam.  I'm hoping that moment comes before, say, THANKSGIVING.  

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  1. Chickens are dumb, no doubt. It's sad to lose one.

    My beans are being eaten up, too. Not sure what it is. Hope your week is going better.